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“Thank you for steering us in the right direction. Neither of us has an understanding of business but, with your help, we anticipate a positive future for her practice.”

The Spouse of a Peoria
Arizona Family Practitioner

A Good Listener Practices LARSEN




Looks At Speaker




Asks Questions When Necessary




Responds Regularly And Frequently




Stays On Subject



Emotions Under Control



Never Interrupts

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  • Establish Fair Market Value (Amount agreed by Buyer and Seller when both have all relevant knowledge)

Ownership Benefits – Today’s Value of Future  Benefits (Discounted Cash Flow)

Comparison to Similar Practices Sold Recently (Comparable Sales)


  • Verify Key Intangible Assets (Due Diligence)





 Business Components



 Payer Contracts

 Source of Business


 Marketing Programs


  • Data Requirements

 Federal Income Tax Returns – 5 Years

 Financial Statements – 6 Years

 Management Reports – 3 Years

 Practice Data Questionnaire


  • Cost-Fixed Price Paid in Advance



  • Marketing Program


 Letter to Community Physicians



 Medical Schools/Residency Programs


  • Transaction Process

Prospect Qualification




Attorney Reviews



  • Data Requirements – None


  • Cost – Percent of Sales Price Paid at Sale Completion



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