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“Wolfe Consulting Group has been a key element of my team of trusted advisors for the past 22 years. This team has helped me to exceed my goals and achieve outstanding professional and personal success.”

A Glendale, Arizona

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Improve A Practice
Our Services Are Tailored to “Overcome” The Challenges Facing Your Practice:
  • Electronic Health Record Implementation
  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Management and Performance
  • Financial Management, Profit and Cash Flow
  • Operating Efficiency and Administration
  • Technology Utilization
  • Business Expansion
  • Succession Planning / Practice Sale / Transition
  • Marketing Programs

Ensure Your Practice's Compliance

There are many laws and regulations (HIPAA, Stark, etc.) which affect your practice which are supposed to:

  • Increase consumer trust
  • Decrease fraud
  • Ensure information security
  • Safeguard patient health information

We have developed a comprehensive compliance plan complete with policies, procedures, forms, agreements, security provisions, initial training, and follow-up requirements.

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