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“Wolfe Consulting Group has been a key element of my team of trusted advisors for the past 22 years. This team has helped me to exceed my goals and achieve outstanding professional and personal success.”

A Glendale, Arizona

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Recruit A Physician
Strategic Planning

We'll help you by:
  1. Defining the candidate for your practice
  2. Preparing a compensation package to attract and retain a candidate
  3. Establishing a search plan and executing it
  4. Verifying background before an interview.
Strategic Planning

Why do Clients Trust Us With This Critical Function?

Longevity—We have dedicated resources with recruitment as our only business since 1996.

Track Record—We consistently deliver win-win results.

Professionalism—Our effective approach is completed with the highest level of professionalism.

Trust—Our team takes the time to find the right candidate for each position

Knowledge—A thorough understanding of the healthcare marketplace.

Integrity—We provide honest and timely updates regarding the status of your search.

Retention—Most of our clients are involved in long-term professional relationships with us.

Our team will get to know your practice and the position well. And we help you develop contracts and offers — before we begin.


Other Value-Added Services Available:
  • Reviewing or establishing succession plans
  • Valuing medical pratices for buy-ins
  • Developing physician retention programs
  • Analyzing employment agreements
  • Comparing compensation packages to market
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