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“Wolfe Consulting Group has been a key element of my team of trusted advisors for the past 22 years. This team has helped me to exceed my goals and achieve outstanding professional and personal success.”

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Implement Electronic Health Records (EHR)
Strategic Planning


Federal law mandates that all medical practices use electronic health records (EHR) to deal with — Medicare and Medicaid.

In 2015, your practice will be penalized if you do not use an EHR system.

Through 2014, the federal government will reimburse a portion of your costs for an EHR system; Medicare and Medicaid programs will reimburse at a slightly higher rate for the services that you provide.

Wolfe Consulting Group, can:
  • Help evaluate your options
  • Advise on maximizing your incentives
  • Secure financing to ease your transition


We can also provide unique financial incentives on the NetPractice series of EHR products from CompuGroup which are CCHIT certified. For an online demonstration of these products click here.